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Dear editor

Dear editor, There has been some talk that Street Ministries 25:40 has been going to Austin and picking up homeless individuals and bringing them to Rockdale. We have not and will not do this.

Be intentional

Be intentional

We a re d r i v ing home after hanging out on the beach and surfing for 3 days. (I know, feel sorry for me.) We have been married for 40 years and decided it was something special and worth celebrating so we went to the tip of Texas where I think the sun shines all year long.


Dear editor, The saying, “it takes a village,” has been used so much in recent years, that perhaps it has become cliché, losing some of its profound truth. Virtually all of life reminds us that we live in community and in relationship with all that is around us. Therefore, a fair share of healthy skepticism is prudent when confronted with those who take a more individualistic approach in addressing the challenges which we confront.


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