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Busyness not a virtue

Busyness not a virtue

We had some people over last Sunday night. Old friends that we love a lot. We moved about three weeks ago, and we hit the ground running. We pulled into the house we are currently living in just before midnight and have slept on an air mattress for three weeks in sleeping bags, that’s how busy and crazy things have been. And it’s not just us, the people at our house last week have their share of stress caused by the pace of life in our current culture. It felt good to sit and relax and breathe. It did not hurt that the Blonde fixed strawberry shortcake. Is it just me or does strawberry shortcake with that whip cream stuff that makes noise when it comes out of the can say, “Summer?” I’m sorry I digress. I’m getting old and my mind drifts way too easily.

Sandow Lakes Ranch update

Dear editor, My team and I are happy to provide you with another update and more about the Sandow Lakes Ranch (SLR) story. You already know about our Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Campus (AMLC), but that is just one piece of our development destiny.


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