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10-20-40-100 YEARS AGO 100 YEARS AGO… Proclamation: Whereas, cleanliness is next to Godliness, and the maintenance of good health is the duty of every citizen and government; And whereas, the continued rains have caused an excessive growth of vegetation, which with the filth and trash is a menace to the health of our citizens. Now therefore, in view of the foregoing, and in keeping with or custom, and in compliance with our sanitary laws, I, H.C. Meyer, Mayor of the City of Rockdale, do herenow and hereby designate Tuesday, June 17, 1924, as “clean up day.” Every citizen is urged to see that his or her premises are cleared of trash, filth, rubbish, weeds, cans and other refuse. Pile trash on property on property or street line and suitable arrangements will be made for its removal. H.C. Meyer, Mayor.

Eighty years ago, they were all heroes

Eighty years ago, they were all heroes

Last Thursday was D-Day and I started to write about that for last week’s paper, but I decided to take the week to soak up all the remembrances and tributes before I sat down to write this. Last week I stated on a Facebook post that 13 of my family (both grandfathers and multiple great-uncles) served in World War II; however, I miscounted, the total number was 14.


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