Changes coming to the DA’s office

Changes coming to the DA’s office

As many of you likely know, I was elected in March as the Republican nominee for County and District Attorney. With there being no Democrat opponent, I will assume that position on Jan. 1, 2025. I will spend the next several months before that transition looking at how our office can improve things, meeting with other officials both in Milam County and our surrounding counties, and generally taking stock of what changes need to be made. With those changes, I also expect some changes to happen with this article. I have spent the last several months writing about different legal issues and trying to help people better understand some of the things that happen in our criminal system. I want to continue writing on some of those topics, but I also plan to expand upon it to address things that are currently going on in the District Attorney’s Office. One of the things I talked about during the campaign was that I wanted to help people have a better understanding of what goes on in our office. This article is one of the ways that I hope to accomplish that. Additionally, I will also be attending as many of the town halls that happen around the county and address any questions or concerns that people have.


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