Former RHS grid star was ‘guardian angel’

Dear editor,

Reading the excellent sports section article about Larry Jackson brought to mind a very touching story that a friend of ours shared.

Larry was a classmate and close friend of her daughter. Larry (along with several other friends) spent quite a bit of time at their house.

Our friend was recently divorced, new to the area, had few people to lean on for help and assistance. Larry was very aware of their situation.

She did not find out until years later that Larry was concerned about their safety and welfare, so much so that he made a point to check her neighborhood out, drive by her house every night, until he felt assured they were safe and sound, that everything was under control. Talk about a guardian angel!

Larry never boasted about this, kept this to himself. He did it because of a pure heart and genuine love and concern.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Larry. I know he came from a great family. A story like this renews your faith in mankind, touches the very depths of your heart.

When you think about all the people Larry has encountered in life, the profound and lasting effect he has had on so many people, and, those who will be touched by this gentle mountain of a man, God has to be smiling.

And, has a very special place for Larry once he crosses through the Pearly Gates.

Randy Robinson

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