Economic development already taking place

Dear editor,

There’s no magic in a community’s economic development. It’s hard work. It depends on local focus and commitment. It costs money to make money.

In our case economic development means making a community and its region better off.

“Better off” means we want to raise our standard of living and create a higher quality of life for all citizens. We want more income to come into Milam County and mostly stay here. It already is underway. We are Texans. Texas is growing in wealth, infrastructure, population. Our job is to go with the flow.

If you don’t believe me you have to change your mind. For some people that will take becoming “hopeful.” It means stop being “hopeless.”

For some people becoming hopeful might be hard almost like quitting smoking or stop drinking. Get hopeful. This will open your mind to fresh ideas.

Milam County already has local and regional citizens thinking positively. Competent citizens are already working on this:

They see our communities and region as their main building blocks for success.

They see government, education, community and business must work together and this is already taking place.

They have vision for the common good, not just for a lucky few.

Our most valuable assets are businesses and professionals we already have.

Promoting successful, existing enterprises are great sources of business expansion.

Luring business away from neighboring communities is a zero-sum game that doesn’t create wealth in a regional economy.

We must identify specific gaps and niches we can fill, thinking about specialized industry clusters drawing on local advantages and find ways to invest and use technology that supports the ability of local enterprises to succeed.

Marion Travis

707 E. 17th

Cameron, TX 76520

Rockdale Reporter

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Rockdale, TX 76567