COVID-19 claims 48th life in the county

COVID-19 has taken another life in the county.

"We have a 48th COVID-19 death to report. This was a younger female in the western part of the county. This is so sad. But for COVID-19 this person would be alive today," Milam County Judge Steve Young said in his daily email. "Ladies and gentlemen this is a grim reminder that the virus is still here and that it is a killer. It is also a reminder that the vaccine can stop this. The vaccine can end this pandemic. We all need to get vaccinated."  

It is not difficult to get vaccinated in this county.

On Friday, anyone 16 years of age or older can go to the Milam County Health Department, located at 209 S. Houston, and get a shot, even without an appointment. From 12-noon to 4 p.m., just walk in, fill out the consent form, get a shot and go home.

"We will use the Moderna vaccine, which is 94% effective against serious illness and death. Over 925 million individuals have been vaccinated with the drug and none have died because of the drug," Young said. "I am happy to report that our herd immunity in Milam County is now at 38 percent. This includes those who have viral immunity because they have been infected and those who have been vaccinated."   

Thirty-six percent of the county (7,119 individuals) have received one shot and 29 percent (5,987 individuals) have been fully vaccinated. The total vaccines administered thus far is 13,016 in Milam County. This includes those vaccinated within and outside the county.

Thursday the county administered 350 doses of Moderna; 326 second-round shots and 24 first-round shots. The county's total shot count is close to 9,000. Call 254-697-7000 and get an appointment or simply walk in Friday afternoon.

If you are called to be vaccinated, please arrive at your appointed time with your consent forms completed. There are different forms for the first round shot and different forms for the second round shot. You may download the forms by going to our web site address as set forth below:

a. First-Round Consent Forms:

b. Second-Round Consent Forms:

THE NUMBERS—Current COVID-19 cases in Milam County as of 7 p.m. April 27, 2021:

1,434 total PCR – no change

8 active PCR cases – down 2

1,088 antigen cases – up 1

1 active antigen cases – down 3

9 active cases in Milam County – down 4

2 hospitalized – no change

200 hospitalized since the pandemic began – no change

2 on a ventilator – no change

48 fatalities – up 1

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